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LEAVE 2015 for HEALTH in 2016

Ask yourself what must I leave behind for "My-Better-Health".  In my research I have not found a "Functional-Care-Giver" who in detail explains it with clear passion for our understanding. He is known to be a Naturopath Medical Doctor, Dr Glidden.

Many Functional Medicine Practitioners in their search for ways to regenerate the stomach function, found that the protein we get from: wheat, barley, rye, oats is not broken down to be digested in the small intestines -- Thereby, concluding that the gluten in these product cannot be digested by a large percentage of our community. This gluten protein leads to symptoms that are not very easy on the body. Dr Peter Osborne just wrote a book "No Grain No Pain" giving us an amazing option for omitting toxic food easily, so you can end dis-ease & get your HEALTH & your LIFE back.

Gluten leads to the destruction of the villi wall in your intestine. When those walls are destroyed the end result is malabsorption, the genesis of chronic dis-ease such as:
Irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerated colitis, celiac, & Crohn dis-ease.  Dr. Glidden asks that you also go to his website  to watch his free video " Against the Grain".  The good news is the villi wall can be repaired with nutrients. Go to the following site: for the following nutritional package: "The Healthy Digestion Pak" for the proper construction of the villi wall in the small intestine. Along with continuous healthy meal, leading to a "Healthy-Life-Style"

Doctor Glidden's studies show that "FRIED FOODS" leads to slow death by cancer...
•  Acrylamide
• Carcinogenic 
• Pro-inflammatory  
• Example KFC, French fries
You may cut your white or sweet potatoes into fries or chicken to be baked for a healthier meal. 

We are being informed that any cooking oil exposed to air will cause in our body oxidation causing cancer and help clog arteries. An example is the "Mediterranean diet" that includes the olive oil. Yes, even the olive oil. Dr. Glidden, also stated that coconut oil may give us more time in the physical body  but eventually the end result is slow death with dis-ease.

Stomach acid is necessary for proper digestion. Research tells us that the acid in our mid section if acid touches your skin will burn a hole right through. That is one of the amazing facts of creation. Now if we decide to drink any carbonated drink it neutralizes stomach acid reducing the efficiency of the absorption of nutrients during digestion. To receive the proper nutrient of the meal eaten You may drink the carbonated drink one hour and a half before or after meal. My suggestion for life is no carbonated drink at all. 

Cancer causing foods are:
* Well done red meat
* The skin on any baked potato or yam 
* The preservatives in meat
These chemical causing cancer are:
* Heterocyclic Amines
* Nitrates
* Nitrosamines
Per Dr. Glidden's explanation NITROSAMINES are also the cause of
• Inflammation
• Oxidation in the small intestines  
Know that inflammation is what our cell does to defend our organs. However, too much shows in "f-a-t" adding to other dis-ease. Therefore, for much better health, 
Dr Peter Osborne says it this way:
"Reverse the grain-Brain" is a "game" is my addition. So is "Reverse-the-grain-Brain-Game"


To Love is to take care, to serve. I believe serving in this manner is worth over trillion of dollars to self. How??? By sharing what we are aware of to help, assist in ways we are able to.  Let's get RICH!!!



Always in Marvelous Health!
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Saturday, December 19, 2015


The game of "Trade-off" to Long-Life"! We all find it challenging to change from the ""Slow-death-Meal" to "Long-Life-Meal" . So let's give ourselves the Game-Challenge-to-"Trade" to "Long-Life"

The Game of Trade Off!

Our "Life-Drink" is water. Therefore our Trade-Off for water is _ _ _ _ We can use fresh fruit to flavor water too.  Be careful juice has much sugar per ounce of soda. The Trade-Off for sports drink is flavored water. Another "Trade-Off" Coconut water has less than half of the sugar & over sixteen times the potassium of sports drink.

"LIFE-"Trade-Off" for GOOD-FAT":

Our "Life-Butter" is almond butter, good fat. So our Trade-Off" for butter
is _ _ _ _ _ _,butter. The processed peanut butter contains added sugar & hydrogenated vegetable oils. The "Life-Cook-Oil" is _ _ _ _ _ _ _ oil because about sixty-six percent of the fat in  "Coconut-oil" is medium-chain triglycerides (MCT's) which have been shown to support weight loss. Note, any other cooking oil will eventually clog human arteries especially the ones close to the heart. 

"LIFE-"Trade-Off" for Good FLOUR":

Our "Life-Flour" could be almond flour or coconut flour. The "Trade-Off" is white flour due to its poor digestion abilities when in our system. Baking 
with _ _ _ _ _ _ flour couldn't be easier and packed with nutrients, including protein, fiber, calcium, and iron. 

The Game of Trade Off continues
We are utilizing the "nutrition data self." to assist further. Let's continue "The-Game-of-Trade-Off":

"Trade-Off-All" rice for Quinoa!

Stated by "nutrition-data-self."

Quinoa has one hundred-fifty percent more fiber & one-hundred percent more protein than white rice. 

"Trade-Off" Croutons for Almonds

"Nutrition data self." States that in your salad "Trade-Off" Croutons for Almonds, which has two times the protein, three times the fiber & one third the carbs of croutons. 

"Trade-Off" Milk for Almond or Kefir 

We do agree with "Nutrition data self", who states that the regular milk has six times more sugar per serving than our "Trade-Off" almond milk or kefir. "Kefir is a probiotic beverage made with either milk kefir grains or a powdered kefir starter culture. Milk Kefir Grains (once-active) and Kefir Started Culture can be used to culture natural dairy milk or coconut milk".

"Trade-Off" Chips for PopCorn

Per our source, "Nutrition data self." States that "Air-popped popcorn has nine times less saturated fat & has one third fewer calories per serving". Our research indicates, "when you want a large snack, popcorn delivers. You have to chew it, so it's satisfying. It's also high in fiber, which can help you stay full longer. Use a small brown bag. Add real (fat) natural butter."

The important "Trade-Off" is WATER

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Monday, December 14, 2015


"Leaving 2015 in Health moving on Up to better HEALH!!!" Your only reason for that statement is because you are now aware that needed for Health is a working  Immune system. That working immune system is taken care of by the amount of nutrient going in each day. Your gift to self is to continue training self to know Health. 

A blend of botanical nutrients with certified organic  Fucoidan, researched extensively for its bioactive benefits.* Supports a healthy cardiovascular system, immune system and yes, those bone & joint health. A great "Stick Pack" gift!

"Brain-loving form of magnesium. Your central nervous system takes it in quickly through the permeable blood-brain barrier. Magnesium L-threonate is the only form of magnesium proven... to cross the blood-brain barrier. Boosting the brain's magnesium level is vital to healthy cognition, which includes long and short-term memory, learning, cognition, stress management and sleep.*" Click:

Ninety essential nutrient for optimal health. Keeping the immune system at its best with the power to assist your organs 

Healthy Body Ninety for Life Challenge!
Help a family-friend join the contest for self. I Am here to follow through with your Eating style, Life style and Your-Style!

CocoGevity Plus combines smooth and velvety rich dark chocolate with exotic fruits and botanicals to deliver powerful bioactive nutrients to support heart health immune function and many other aspects of health.* Only 19 calories per serving.Supplement Facts

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Sunday, December 13, 2015


Total Meal Replacement 
Shake powder contains six different types of cold filtered proteins plus a variety of nutrients proving us with the healthiest, best tasting meal replacement ever formulated. Savor the flavor of Vanilla or Chocolate. Cheri-Mins for our children to receive the proper nutrient they need to grow healthy & strong. Give the best gift of HEALTH by clinking here 
Amaze your children into eating Healthy!

Top Eight Healthy Food Trends for 2016 from Mareya's blog

NUMBER-ONE:  "Inspiralized Veggies"

Our Instructor states that  replacing grain and pasta dish with nutrient-rich vegetable like "sweet potatoes to zucchini to beets, you can make any vegetable or fruit more appealing by simply making it look like a noodle. Wow!


Our Coach continue with " you can pack a lot into a bowl; including protein-rich quinoa and veggies. For whatever reason, everyone's into bowls and will pretty much eat anything that comes in them"


I could have egg all day, especially now that I know is healthy. Good fat! Well our Coach goes on to say " Omelets for dinner anyone? How about a yogurt parfait?" She likes Paleo Banana pancakes for dinner with a side of turkey bacon or sausage..."

NUMBER-FOUR: Muffin-Pan Mania

Utilizing muffin pans are now a creation of eating nutrients-dense foods to your liking. Example are eggs muffins, meet load cups, vegetable fritter cups, quinoa cup top with your favorite berries. Yum Yum!!!

NUMBER-FIVE:  "Sprouted Grains"

What I have learn about grain is that they may block your arteries creating heart attack  plus other detrimental episodes. Therefore, your snacks if any grain should be "Sprouted-Grain. Be careful!!!

Maca is a mild flavor root you may add to your smoothie, your soup, chocolate almond milk, or any veggie/fruit blend for nutritious purposes. It's a living herbal nutrient with microorganism that provides antioxidants, enzymes, probiotics, organic acids & B nutrient. Also supports a healthy immune, endocrine digestive system. 

"The Next New "It" Veggie: Kohlrabi 
The next King of veggies could be enjoyed raw & cooked. It could be your edible sticks to tortilla shells, noddles and I am told everything in between. It's member of the cabbage "familia"  an even better source of C nutrient than oranges also a good source of Dietary Fiber, Potassium, B6 nutrient, Copper and Manganese. 

Chef Mareya's anticipates a year full of nutrient dense bites in the shape of bite-sized ball. These "Protein-Power-Balls" contain the perfect balance of good fats, protein and slow burbling carbs to assist stabilizing blood sugar. Grand!



Always in Marvelous Health!
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