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How to keep SELF magnetize?
You consciously Gift-Wrap the unique energetic SELF on the specifics on how to feed your total SELF. The benefits You carry, magnetizes daily. It keeps the relations with SELF & others on an up scale: Open! Growing! Enticing!

Your magnetic SELF!
Yourself knows your daily need. When you open your eyes you automatically know that if you are in a bad mood you will not magnetize self or others. Therefore, you are aware that the nutritious meal plays a part in that magnifying  gift to self and others. 

Magnifying Gift to Self
At a young age about nine before I entered school our grandmas gave us "cena"  you refer to it now as a detox. It cleanses your body from all the overly sweet and salty food you over eat. That procedure helps your body to start over to heal itself. That procedure we are aware of now allows your bodies organs to cleanse itself. That is done every time you detox. However, after that procedure your body needs to have the appropriate nourishment to balance itself for healing. That is where the research done through the years made us aware that the nutrients needed for proper health function in the body is about ninety plus nutrient for proper nourishment. That is the magnifying gift to self. 

•  Fermenting food is allowing it to stand overnight or more time to allow the nutrients to pop out.
•  Another example: Sea Salt when cook, or simmered kills the many nutrients it has. 

Proper Magnifying gift, nourishment 
The nourishment in early years came from the proper food. However, our system to accommodate the easy accessibility  of food we now use preservatives. Unfortunately those preservatives they are not natural food. Natural food is what the body requires to heal itself. Many of us don't have the land to maintain natural food or the time to prepare natural food. Also the soil where our natural food is cultivated does not have all the required nutrients that's necessary like it did before. 

Life Magnifying Nutrients:
The knowledge accessible to the magnet is how you treat self nutritiously. Nurturing self in every good way is the complete nourishment to a long healthy life. The entire self nourishment of what you feed on is made up of what you allow in physically, mentally, and spiritually. That is your magnetic been energized through life. Life magnifying greatest wealth are the following physical nutrients to feed on:




Always in Marvelous Health!
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