Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Strengthening the Bones

Children's growth is also composed of playful "MOVE's". When they are three years and up they love to be outside on the playground only if that was taught to them. I have been around four year old children, who prefer to be indoors sitting with their electronic games. My youngest son was one of them.  A child sitting down for long periods of time playing the electronic game we found, cause over weight, for others children, bone problems later in their young adult life.
For our son we collectively decided he needed to get involve especially in the summer in outdoor playing preferably a team. After challenges of the preferably outdoor game we found the right one for him. The different movements done, help him strengthen muscles and put on the appropriate weight . I know it will do the same for other children and those adults who have the child within.
In doing research to help our body bone mass stay healthy we found that bone broth makes you feel younger while helping aching joints. One nutrient found in bone broth is Collagen. Collagen is a nutrient that's beneficial to your skin, nails, hair, joints and bones. Its like a glue that helps tighten your skin plus more. Other format of helping aching joins/bones is hydrating your total body with water daily to flush out toxins and keep joints/bones lubricated. Also another movement to consider is cycling and swimming since they are easy on the joints/bones improving proper circulation. Another way of tighten your skin and multiplying bones are the following movements for adults and children:

I have found through my research that physical education movement is very much like "Yoga-Pose" with MOVE's. The "EXTENDED TRIANGLE POSE" "Stance", represent the three main facets of "YOGA" which are Mind, Body, Spirit. I am informed that this gentle posture provides a full-body stretch, while also strengthening the lower body. "The "Triangle Pose" seems to be effective in supporting bone health, according to Dr. Loren Fishman". I strongly believe that active "STANCE" strengthens the body, a "MOVEMET" I continuously use.

I recall in Physical Ed we also perform what I call a full bridge. Done exactly with that POSE above yet your hands was also up with heads down in-between arms. Yet now the "Stance" "BRIDGE POSE (SETU BANDHA)" is not the full bridge with all four, only your foots. They inform us now that raising your body leaving your head down in addition to being therapeutic for osteoporosis, "The Bridge Pose" provides a gentle stretch of the back, chest and neck. They ask that you stand 30-60 counts to stretch the chest and spine and if necessary place a block under the sacrum (triangular bone at the base of the spine) if you need more support.
Learning that "STANCE" respond to pressure by building more bones is the GIFT-WRAPPING I give any one who chooses to "POSE" with me. The "Twisting-Poses" would be helpful in order to put some pressure on the spine. Do know that with your "STANCE" you desire to put mild pressure on the bones, however, Dr Fishman informed us not to put too much pressure on the vertebrae. The mild twists you see above apply gentle pressure to the bones without harming the vertebrae. Dr Fishman states that in all his research, he has never seen twisting "POSE" cause fractures.

Many males prefer not to participate in "Yoga-Stance" that is I believe beneficial for them. That is specifically due to the games they play on courts.  Example, basketball, baseballs, football, soccer, plus. Dr Fishman recommends if you have weak bones or joints a twist similar to the "TWISTING-TRIANGLE will support the bones and avoid fractures. This gentle spine twist may/can build up the bones.


To undergo a complete body stretch the "EXTENTED SIDE ANGLE POSE (UTTHITA PARSVAKONASANA)" GIFT-WRAP's  the body, where after you may include a body-soak with the GIFT of total body "REST" needed after. This "POSE" is stated to "provide gentle stretching while also strengthening the bones". They go on to explain that, the "POSE" can be practiced either with the lower forearm on the knee or with the hand on the floor. In addition I just allow my hand to help assist my head balance, you may rely on the same position.

Do you have any back pain? I have lower back pain due to my bottom mid section which needs to be tighten more reliving totally any back pain. I have other "MOVES" I do right on my bed that helps diminish pain all together for me when necessary. However, this "STANCE" also assists. According to the Yoga Journal, the "LOCUST POSE (SALABHASANA)" may look simple, but it can be challenging and strengthening to the back.  You gently raise the legs and upper torso, and try holding "STANCE" three times, for ten seconds each. The POSE can/may be effective for easing lower back pain if dedication is applied.

We are unique individuals with GIFTS to give all who may accept. I give mention to being unique because the "TREE-POSE" we may not all be able to perform originally. Dr. Fishman says, try holding the "TREE-POSE" for 30-60 seconds on each leg, with the hands at the  heart in prayer position and then extend above the head. He continues, "even the simple "TREE-POSE" seems to be quite effective. Yes, I believe the "STANCE" is effective including mine own "Pose". You will find my full Stance in detail in/on YouTube, where "I Consciously Help Gift-Wrap You into Your Unique Health with continuous Up-Scaling while keeping YOUR total self: Growing! Open! Enticing! with BENEFITS" of my unique "SINGLE-TREE-POSE".

We have different "STANCE" to assist with our legs, glutes, abdomen and spine. Yet this "HALF MOON POSE (ARDHA CHANDRASANA)" according to the Yoga Journal states that the "HALF MOON POSE provide relief from the osteoporotic pain in the following body parts: Spine, Glutes, Legs, Abdomen. I suggest these "STANCE" for couples who may have had any challenges with angle, tendon, leg surgery or just pain. The Yoga Journal does suggest that "for a modified version of the POSE, put a block on the floor beneath the bottom hand to balance on.

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