Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Sticks and stones hurt but WORDS...

Growing up with playmates, classmate, family, we reciting this saying right after we received words from any individual: "Sticks and stones may break my bones but WORDS will never hurt me", Do you recall that saying? Yet as we grew older some of us realized that the saying is not true at all. As a little girl many sticks and stones where thrown my way yet I threw it right back. In that respect I was a street savvy little person. My playmates and myself we played fight; lashing, punching, hitting, or smacking so when it came our way we were able to throw back. There were times when family did throw, we just covered head and laided low. Now when the wrong WORDS are said it feels like shooting electrical wiring; throwing our body into breaking pain. When friends or family members called me name as a little girl, a fake smile to hide the pain or at times because it hurt so much you throw hurtful words right back. Those WORDS I do not care to mention because the person at fault would know who they are. Do note they have been FORGIVEN to ENERGIZE Me! Now family included myself may have throw WORDS not with the purposeful intention to hurt. Yet I am told that 95 percent of the time when people hurt our feelings, that was not what they intended to do.. We all have those wrong WORDS we may use but know to take a load off, FORGIVENESS- ENERGIZES self. Together lets figure out how.

Imagine a nest of baby birds with their mom. What she does is GIVES and GIVES then she lets go. When you watch a nest you see Mom takes them out to see if they are able to perform what they have been taught. If they are not able to, they return to the nest. What I discovered is she knows when to let then go. I believe is just an instinct, a gift that she GIVEs her babes because as you watch them is not that they know what to do is the amount of time they have repeated the practice. She teaches her babes what is needed for their life then she lets them go to practice what they are taught. Mom GIVES and GIVES so that when her babes are gone do to her GIVING she is now ENERGIZED. Forgiveness I have experience works the same way. Humans say FOR-GIVE me base on wrongful actions or hurtful words that are thrown. After the continuous experience you now realize that through FORGIVENESS are the action of less hurtful WORDs you maintain that necessary ENERGY.

One WORD can start a major problem or one WORD can sooth. Your WORD to self daily sooths and ENERGIZES you. See what happens is when you speak to anyone with a negative WORD you hear the WORD  pulling you down for the day, especially when you see their reaction. You may attempt for one day or take a look back on the WORDS you use how it affected you.
The negative WORDS could be the following:
• You are Repugnant! 
• You are Lousy!
• You are Evil!
• You are Disgusting!
• You are Hideous!
• What a Spiteful person you are!
• You are Unattractive! 
• We find you Worthless! 
• You are Vindictive! 
• You are a Creative person!
• You are Focus in your studies!
• I find you Fascinating!
• You are Determined in your studies!
• You Inspire many! 
• What a Refreshing breath you give!
• You keep me Vibrant!
• Your attitude keeps us Healthy!
• What a Motivated individual you are!
Utilizing the EMPOWERING-WORD daily allows SELF to be ENERGIZED for LIFE. Lets not forget SHADOWING a CHILD with the empowering "WORD's" ENERGIZES for LIFE, now do realize that becomes your EXTRA- INVESTMENT. Therefore, utilize those INVESTMENT as your GIFT to SELF.

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