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Ladies and Gentleman be aware that too much "Calcium" taken by itself without the balance of "Magnesium" causes lumps in our body. In case studies these lumps are at times titled cancer. We are asking you to be your DOCTOR and do ask Your Practitioner to help search for the right "MAGNESIUM" for the warmth of your temple [body]. Yes, I have friends and family member who have lived through cancer and those who have passed-my-way. The WISDOM I RECEIVE is if death occurs I have a choice and I choose to CELEBRATE the LIFE that has passed me by because that LIFE actually GIFTED me with their GOOD and POSITIVE spirit to embrace and SHARE. I do say "IF" because we have the POWER to reverse any and all our temple, [body] imbalance. The nutrient [plus others] to nourish our temple [body] from our head to our toe is "MAGNESIUM". Let's reach/search together and if further assistance is required do ask your Practitioner, they are delighted to help.

Here’s a bit about the different types of magnesium supplements that you’ll likely come across:
* Magnesium Chelate – highly absorbable by the body and the kind found in foods naturally. This type is bound to multiple amino acids (proteins) and used to restore magnesium levels.
* Magnesium Citrate – magnesium combined with citric acid. This may have a laxative effect in some cases when taken in high doses, but is otherwise safe to use for improving digestion and preventing constipation.
* Magnesium Chloride Oil – an oil form of magnesium that can be applied to skin. It’s also given to people who have digestive disorders that prevent normal absorption of magnesium from their food. Athletes sometimes use magnesium oil to increase energy and endurance, to dull muscle pain, and to heal wounds or skin irritation.
* Magnesium Glycinate – highly absorbable, this is recommended for anyone with a known magnesium deficiency and less likely to cause laxative effects than some other magnesium supplements.
* Magnesium Threonate – the only form known to readily cross the blood brain barrier and penetrate the mitochondrial membrane. It improve brain function. This form optimizes magnesium levels in the brain, enhancing memory and cognitive function 

How do you know if you should use magnesium supplements? According to the National Institute of Health, assessing magnesium levels is difficult because most magnesium is inside cells or in the bones and not within the blood. This can make blood test results misleading when it comes to determining a magnesium deficiency. (2)
The most common method for assessing magnesium status is by measuring serum magnesium concentrations in the blood or by measuring concentrations in saliva and urine, but no single method is considered totally comprehensive and accurate. Because magnesium supplements have such few risks for side effects and toxicity, many healthcare professionals are now recommending that adults take supplements regularly to prevent deficiency.

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Monday, April 10, 2017

Your Laughter is Nourishment

Growing up you are like a giggle magnet. You laugh and your playmates join in. I have learn in life children laugh 150 times a day yet adults their laughter in one day has been lowered to 3 times a day. They believe is due to their new responsibilities in life. Our adult behavior may be due to work which make some of us tire, requiring more rest less laugh time. The other task such as worrying also stresses the body, yes, allowing for less laughter. Life continues with more functions such as maybe caring for a sick relative which again with more strain brings on less laughter. In life we are actors acting in different roles which we control. We have the power to write and re-write our daily stroll. What I have experience and observed  is that we allow others to cheat on our written daily life paper of the "LAUGHTER" we allow in our LIFE. Now I Am here to say you are able to make that daily change of "LAUGHTER" we allow. How? You ask, lets' do that search together!

Click to Laugh:
- A common ingredient in human beings that live way up into their 90's is their humor.
- Taking time to laugh re-energizes you keeping you in balance
- Always dealing with problems way you down, you forget how to have fun
- changing dippers feeding babies no time for play
- sometimes we believe we have to be serious to be responsible
- God created you with a sense of humor
- You where created to laugh, to have fun with a sense of humor
- Its an adjustment we have to make in life because no one wants to be around a grumpy sour person
- "If you r a believer you need to notify your FACE"
- Be friendly learn to laugh
- "A merry heart is like taking a good medicine"

- "A family that laugh together stays together [Keep laughter in the relationship]"
- "The joy helps you get through the rough times [relationship would go to a new level if
you take the time to laugh again, find the humor in life]"
- My mentor says his wife says he is too stiff, he says is calls it dignified" LOL!
- "Tension, pressure, stress, offense, strife, leave the negative out side, at the tree at your door where you unload them"
- Any sick ward in the hospital for a speedy recovery a great readjustment "the sound of laughter" it speeds up their recovery
- See, we have found out that the youth hormone increases 87% slowing down the ageing process when laughter, a smile is part of the game we now play.
- Again, "laughter brings downs walls".
- My mentor continues your home should be a retreat from all the negative, leave it all at the door.
- LAUGHER, natural healing process
- Chemicals design to heal us is no longer being generated into the cells in your body. The Creator gave us the cure years ago. He gave us a natural healing individualized, lets use it "UP" continuously.
- My mentor continues, A man 106 with no wrinkle on is face, his antidote, humor, he says  "black don't crack"
- "A man 83 acting like he was in his fifties his secret he does not think old" Do you?
- Complete your journey here on earth with JOY, LAUGHTER, HUMOR, A SMILE
-Ladies & Gentlemen:  Let continuing acting when necessary utilizing the nourishment, our GIFT.

- See the humor in life a great example is my spouse, my gentleman, who loves to laugh. He looks for the opportunity to laugh at the simple things in life. That gives us one of the vitality necessary, to stay HEALTHY, wow!
- "What is the secret of a good marriage: treat each other with respect and humor, laughter..."
- Done every chance you get, sure every day!
- Youth adults, adults lets INCREASE our LAUGTER, at lease to 100 times a day. Come join Us:

Always in Marvelous Health!
"My Treats to You", [CLICK/INVEST]
Sohaila Henry, Certified Instructor,
Your Independent Distributor of Nourishment,
Your Nutrition Health Guide!

Sohaila, Clusters of Stars Shining on YOU, Thanking YOU for Returning the Shine!
CEO of Sohaila’s Health-Physique where together we create “YOUR- UNIQUE-BLUEPRINT” to help you “INVEST IN YOURSELF” while SHADOWING a "CHILD" in "INVESTMENTS" for their "FUTURE".

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