Sunday, January 7, 2018

Electric Ways to Detox Self

The “Electric Self Detox” manages YOU totally and completely. We, here on earth are made as Beings to be able to use
*Our eyes to see others!
*Our ear to hear others!
*Our hands to touch others!
*Our taste buds to savor the flavor of everything!
*Our Movements Lubricate the joints [Engage with our FB GROUP LIVE]
Now our heart perceives accurately to consistently HELP us ahead. Our CONSCIOUS behavior enables each one of us again and again to GIFT~WRAP in HEALTH and WEALTH for LIFE. Lets begin with the correct "CURRENCY", or the proper "FREQUENCY" we ALL have that are open to RECEIVE when needed for eyes, ear, tongue, lip, heart... Our ACTIONs here on earth is usually taking care by SELF, if need be, we ask or use assistance of a medical practitioner, medicine or SELF medicine, OILS.

The “ELECTRIC~SELF~DETOX” begins in your THOUGHTS. When your THOUGHTS are GOOD you FEEL the BALANCE. Yet when the THOUGHTS are made up of GOOD and not GOOD you FEEL the imbalance. In some families you are taught to constantly make up the GOOD. Then it may take years or a day of MEDITATION with SELF to OPEN GOOD enabling  BALANCE again. Many ask,  how are you aware of that GOOD-THOUGHT? You are aware of that GOOD-THOUGHT by the KNOWING that anything that's a struggle is not in the RECEIVING mode.  When you are in the RECEIVING mode everything flows. However when you are not in that flowing mode you struggle. An example, when at a meeting, in a classroom or starting a conversation if the words do not flow allowing interest from all party, "Stop, in the name of LOVE" allowing the floor to someone else or excuse yourself. The unavailing SELF with EASE GIVES the ACTION compose with GOOD- FEELINGs enabling that RECEIVING-MOVE of FLOW to others.

The “ELECTRIC~SELF~DETOX” continues in your BODY which correlates with THOUGHT management. When your Physical BODY feels GOOD, KNOW that it begins with your THOUGHT. Your THOUGHTS GIVES the physical BODY the message coming from the correct "CURRENCY"  of what is actually needed for better hydration which is liquid. The proper "FLOW" of liquid to the physical "BODY" comes from the established GOOD nourishment received at the beginning of birth. That GOOD nourishment is made with minerals and vitamins from the earths soil. The minerals and vitamins the physical "BODY" needs as it matures comes from the earths FRUITs and VEGGIEs.  As we journey through our paths our taste buds are changed based on social contact with seeing, hearing, and touching beginning with parenting, in community and neighborhood. However as those changes are made socially the CELLS in our BODY also changes every ninety days giving YOU the allowance to reboot.

The “ELECTRIC~SELF" choose to come into this world to CELEBRATE. The CELEBRATION is about ALL the GIFTS we have and are always willing to use and abuse to remain in RADIATE- SHEEN one to the other. On earth to recognize those GIFTs there is a "CURRENCY" placed in our hands for us to decipher. Once you have engaged with that "CURRENCY" the "FREQUENCY" of the use and abuse along with EACH-GIFT opens the marriage to SELF. Your marriage to SELF is actually you participating in the CELEBRATION of ALL the GIFTs then sharing and reminding others of the CELEBRATION. The CELEBRATION with SELF is FUN! The CELEBRATION with SELF, FLOWs! The CELEBRATION with SELF is EXHILARATING and everyone desires to KNOW more to regain their marriage to SELF. KNOW is very SIMPLE!  The "CURRENCY" and "FREQUENCY" does not change but You adjusting cause changes in the "THOUGHTs" and Physical "BODY" here on earth.

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