Sunday, March 12, 2017

Wonders of the World?

Panama, Central America, where I was born. My vacation location for about five weeks this year 2017. My stay began in the month of January through February. Celebrating my birthday and wedding anniversary in the month of February of 2017. A surprise from my "Gentleman", sister and family, they all played a great part. Most of my time was spent with my grandmother. What a "Grand Celebration of Life" from my mentor, she is 96 this year. My family also celebrated our first Medical Doctors graduation with our first Psychology's graduation in May of this year. Our family came together with different discussion of life, the world and much more.  The One that caught my attention was from my aunts question, are we aware of the "Wonders of the World", which includes the Panama Canal: "WONDERS of the WORLD" For both audience SPANISH///ENGLISH

My research empowerment continues further with my next aunt who text me a video with the  "Wonders of the World", who was not aware of our conversation about the "Wonders". Wow! Texting, an electrical equipment "toy" doing "Wonders" today for us all. That video was about a professor who ask his student to list their seven wonders of the world. One student listing left the classroom in silence a pin could drop and no one would have heard. The listing is below unlatching designs, art, we all possess uniquely to share with each other: "MORE WONDERS of the WORLD" Again to appease both audience SPANISH///ENGLISH

                                 "PANAMA CANAL"

My aunt whose statement began with a question. She continued in detail stating that the workers had to be strong men to withstand the different sickness, malaria being one of many. They also needed the strength to work with the limited equipment they used compared to what is used today. Above you see the equipment used, their HAND which in the 1900 help clear the earth, hard soil.  Note the "World-Wonders" of today are still standing strong on the same material used to build. She also stated that many workers where from the islands and per my research she is correct.. Their strength we believe is due to their healthy way of life. Therefore I would like to touch on the details to give us the "know-how" for further HEALTH.


Their HEALTHY way of life I found it to be physical, spiritual, and emotional. I go back in history utilizing my family. My family are from the island both on father and mother side. The islands in question are Jamaica and St. Lucia. My great Grandfather also took part in creating and taking care of the Panama Canal, one of the "Wonders of the World" still standing strong and was expanded to accommodate the larger ships with the inauguration held on  June 26 of 2016. In my research for HEALTH ANSWERS; what continuously appears is that our ancestors did not only rely on food for HEALTH. My great-grandmother's gift to me this year  "Family-Nourishment". My great-grandfather taught himself to read and his main book is the "Bible" that benefited his life and now ours. In their spiritual nourishment they found praying, meditation or listening to themselves in FAITH uplift self and each other daily. To stay healthy physically they ate "chicken soup" that nourishment that was fed to us practically every Saturday. Now, research shows that the carcass of chicken or turkey, gives the mineral that sit in the bone, called collagen. That nutrient dense broth is inexpensive yet it helps heal what we now know as "leaky gut" and balances our chaotic hormones. This nutritious broth is high in phosphorous, magnesium, calcium that helps your digestive system and your joints plus much more. Now the emotional part of their life is build on their knowing to take what should be sad and turn the whole seen into a comedy. Yes, laughter that strengthen their whole body. Now I learn that what laughter secrete in our body is medicine. If you watch comedy shows before bed you will be empowered with your eight hours of a relaxing and restful sleep. Sweet sleep and dreams!!!

Today March 12 of 2017 is my uncles Birthday, Theodore [Teddy] Marshall. I share this inheritance of HEALTH to the world in memory of his BIRTH of life on earth. His life which he also shared HEALTH information to assist those who may be ignorant to the knowledge. We Love You!

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