Thursday, October 5, 2017

Uniting-Culture! Uniendo Cultura!

I have decided to use the month of OCTOBER for positive by CHALLENGING YOU to CELEBRATE Your Bodies MOVEMENT. We will be using the collage of colors to enunciate the CELEBRATION. The way I would like to carry that through is with my culture. In my country Panama, Central America, the body movement consist of the "Folkloric" ballet utilizing the "CONGO plus other "Folkoric-Dance". The "CONGO" is a dance originated from Africa where we see our culture unite through "MOVEMENTS". The "MOVEMENT" is actually done by a "Lady" and a "Gentlemen" teasing each other, giving each other the energy of STRENGHT and other dance art with the same goal. Another cultural art  is the "Mola" which is a colorful thread woven together by hand; done by our "Native Tribes".

 I began with the CHALLENGE for September which was traveling Africa without your passport through music and dance choreographed by my mentor and instructor Kukuwa Nuamah.  I am continuing that journey by "Uniting our Culture. Take note that I am also a certified KUKUWA-DANCE-INSTRUCTOR. You are invited to see the September CHALLENGE by clicking to open my weekly tutorials below:
First Week Body Warm Up, GHANA
Second Week Body Flexors, TANZANIA
Third Week Total Body Cardio. MALAWI
Forth Week Total Body Cool Down, ZAMBIA

"UNIENDO-CULTURA" is the motto of an athletic wear designed by Guillermo Henry where he magnifies our country's Art "Mola" from Panama, Central America to be notice by the world. Again athletic wear was chosen by Mr. Henry because sport is done by the entire world and enjoyed with a comradery that he has noticed and enjoyed. Is were we become united to drop the negative and pick up the positive ENERGY and  just have fun. We have seen that awesome behavior while watching any sport:  Gymnastics! Soccer! Football! Baseball! Basketball! Tennis! Golf! Triathlon! Swimming!...

This dance, "CONGO" with his cultural history takes us way back to the era where we did not know how to become free of incarceration due to the  different LIFE-CHALLENGES. Yet the art MOVEMENT gave a FREEDOM that ENERGIZED the human body from the brain all the way down to the toes. That ENERGY I propose to bring to every human being specifically those whose thoughts may be of pain they do not know how to yet relieve. Through out the month of October I will have tutorials for body practice sake. Done every week while inviting you to become a member.
Becoming a member allots my GIFT-WRAPPING of elegance done through dance with the garment designs. That garment will be wore by you in November where you are again invited to take photos of your elegant wear. On October 15, of 2017 we will join the walk by "FaceBookLive" to raise your IQ on the matter of cancer where we will again GIFT-WRAP your bodies with those MOVEMENT to upscale your HEALTH. We invite you to our Month CHALLENGE of MOVEMENT and ELEGANCE through DANCE and your yearly invested membership for further participation done through Face Book Live weakly. We also have "VIRTUAL" Skype or Zoom consultation about the designing, of your elegant wear, "POLLERA/MONTUNO".

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Uniting Culture is also an avenue that allows us to propel a family forward with assistance. Every individual always find a way to give, many with prayers, others with funds and other UP-LIFTING ways. The United States President ask that all America Flag be lowered due to the Las Vegas Tragedy. What I propose to do is ask that you GIVE three dollars and every time we reach one thousand dollars; a family will receive "Food as Medicine" along with my nutritious way to use your "BODY-MOVEMENTs" to heal  mind, spirit, soul, body, of the masterpiece that continues to keep us in awe of its recovery capabilities.  We are human beings with a big heart. The gifts we carry within us is: [Below click and invest]
* I Am Bless!
* I Am Healthy!
* I Am a GIVER!

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