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💥Culture Gaines G👀D Historically 
Is an education each person opens-Up to GIVE. Learning G👀D~CULTURALLY is beneficial to every human being. Opening eyes and hears helps the IMAGINATION of life lived through each. We are now aware that it’s a LIFE that is open for others to receive if they "DEAR" to. The journey we travel assist in the peak to stay on. That journey is DREAMs we have developed into DESIREs we cultivate for future trance. The DESIREs I like and continue to extend to all:
[1] Meditatation Combine w “STANCE”!
[2] Meditation Uniting Cultural MOVEs 
- Choreographed with KUKUWA’s MOVEs
- combine w MOVEs...
- Panama Folkloric MOVEs combine...
[3] Meditation Energizing Body with MOVEs
- Head to Toe with  "Jump~Up" Done with:
Jump Rope!
Basketball Dribbling Around the World!!
[4] Meditation~Art~Body~STANCE with

STANCE activates parasympathetic nervous system which CALMs the body and mind. A daily mediative practice allows the time needed to disconnect from the world and connect to the breath breading , both which can be invaluable for maintaining a state of inner CALM. 
A privilege and honor done with every individual who choose my VOICE to assist with focusing on the “STANCE” achieved!
I carry the TEMPLE delicately through MOVEs to achieve every “STANCE” for Better! Best!
Balancing of the entire Body!

UNITING CULTURE is what is done with every MOVE choreograph by KUKUWA. Actually using KUKUWA African MOVEs to Unite them with Panama Folkloric MOVEs. KukuwaFitness MOVEs allows movement of your body to develop the entire PHYSIQUE for best, better continual HEALTH. When “United” to the “Folkloric MOVEs”  you learn that the MOVEs are very similar in ART form. The difference is that the SOUNDs are created by SELF utilizing the body and voice.

"Energize Body with MOVEs" utilizig the "Jump-Rope". The "Jump-Rope" is an "easy, fast inexpensive equipment" that I have been using since a seven year old girl. Do notice that I have incorporated more MOVEs since I now know the BENEFITs  I receive such as:
- Tone Muscles!
- Core Muscle Engaged!
[Especially with “Jump” variations] - Creating Definition!
- Full Body MOVEs in Min.!
- Lose Weight Easily!
- Builds Stamina!
- Heart is kept in GOOD Condition!
- Low to High Intensity Engaging Muscles!
- Lateral MOVEs! Speed! Agility!
- Continuous GOOD Lymphatic System!
NOTE: Other equipment to ENERGIZE BODY MOVEs:
- Hula-Hoop!
- Basketball Dribbling Around the World!!
Ladies and Gentleman is all about having SELF a GOOD time. Extending HEALTH cells!

💥Body~Art STANCE In
Body~Art STANCE Is achieved in Pifia Apparel. Pifia Apparel is suited by Guillermo Henry  the panamenian designer with the name “Pifia”use in the panamenian language. The designer suited-it-up with the panamenian cultural design "Mola". Mola an Art started on the India’s skin, transferred to  using thread on to fabric; now unto design clothing to be worn by all.  I have chosen to “Unite” the design with the "Cultural MOVEs given the PHYSIQUE needed for extravagant HEALTH FOR LONG LIFE.

Uniting CULTUREs while SCULTPING the PHYSIQUE of the BODY. Africa has their fabric to show their design and MOVEs. Panama, Central America, has their fabric with their design “Mola”, and their FOLKLORIC~MOVEs. Now we are INVITING other country to research and GIVE the CULTURAL MOVEs and design to the world. The WORLD is waiting for the radiance of another country. Thanks for the participation and interest! 

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Sohaila, Clusters of Stars Shining on YOU! Thanking YOU for Returning the Sheen!
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