Monday, May 30, 2016


May I Gift Wrap You with HEALTH?
How you may ask. That will be with 
"Pure Product" Purchasing which is the ideal key to Your complete Health.

We ALL have a Military story to Give!
Mine is my uncle he left us too early. Now with my case studies I learn that many of our military personnel should only die of a shoot are normal death, which is to close their eyes I rest forever. Every other sickness they attach to them could be healed by their own body if they have the nutrients to aid. 

Plus additional targeted nutrients to support brain and cardiovascular function which includes Our Ultimate EFA (180 Soft Gels) and Selenium (90 Capsules). The site is:


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Saturday, May 7, 2016



I consciously have been given the honor to Gift-Wrap every strand of hair on your head and every single toe on the sole of your feet with the OIL that replenishes “ALL”. The name is REJUVENIQE by MONAT. Allowing YOU to see the benefits of the minerals shared with Yourself and others. Keeping Your Total-Self on an UP-Scale. Open! Growing! Enticing!  The "Enticement" is with the knowledge that Your body heals itself. Establishing or re-establishing a blueprint of the MAGNESIUM necessary for YOU in that total recovery. Let's begin!

MOTHERs You are the DIAMOND, Shine‼️

DADs so are YOU❣️

This Day has been chosen to CELEBRATE! Let’s all Do just that! CELEBRATE while MAGNESIUM enters the body from the BEACH or SEA ocean. Walk in/on the BEACH/SEA water and RECEIVE your portion. Now, on your way HOME, bottle several ocean/sea water. Also purchase “Epson Salt” and take a bath in or on your skin every other day. Do realize we are all UNIQUELY CREATED therefore TREAT that skin as such. I may require more MAGNESIUM that you or vice a versa. Just get it DONE this year. Happy! Happy Day!

💫CELEBRATION is Uniting our ENERGY and creating SYNERGY to share with every person who crosses that path you are in. Smile now💫

My bonus to You that I also utilize in my eating style is sweet potato. Sweet potatoes are a good source of magnesium, which is the relaxation and anti- stress mineral. Magnesium is necessary for healthy artery, blood, bone, heart, muscle and nerve function. The research continue to find the common ground of the Why of magnesium deficiency. The few factors at play are our crops which no longer gives the correct amount of magnesium in our soil. The digestive disorders that leads to malabsorption of magnesium and other minerals in the gut. The high rates of prescription medication and antibiotic use that damages the digestive tract to the point that magnesium cannot be absorbed and properly utilized from foods.

An overnight eight oz glass of temperature water @ your bed side to "JUMP-START" your day with "LIME" to your taste. It will help the absorption of magnesium in your system.  Also remember the good energy you give off to yourself to " JUMP-START" your day comes right back to you in abundance. Enjoy your GIFT while you GLOW///SHINE to SELF!

Sohaila, Clusters of Stars Shining on YOU! Thanking YOU for Returning the Sheen!
CEO of Sohaila’s Health-Physique where together we create “YOUR- UNIQUE-BLUEPRINT” to help you “INVEST IN YOURSELF” and the "DREAM-CHASERs" LIFE You hold DEAR/CLOSE to Your ❤️

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