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"Sculpting Body GUIDE”

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It is my privilege and honor to help YOU take wonderful care of YOU. To many that statement may sound selfish. That is only because as a baby we are thought to share yet notice before we shared we took care of SELF. Let’s retract to HOW? It all started in our Mommies womb where we are developed. When we where hungry Mom felt hunger pain; she also craved certain food that carried the minerals and vitamins missing that you where actually craving. When you where born another way of taking care of SELF is letting Mom know by crying or fussing when you are hungry. To take your first steps you knew to try and try until ,wow, there is that first step. Those first steps allowed you the challenge to take towards learning about you. Yes, Mom or Dad gave rules to live in their home which allowed you to practice the GIFT of discipline to SELF. Yet when you saw something you desired you when after it especially when you where told not to. See, it took reminding you not to so that you on your own by trial and error learned not to for example touch the stove. When you got older brushing your teeth and making sure your body odor is acceptable to SELF and others is a must and you gravitating to that action. We always had an adult guiding in home or in the community. When we did something good we knew it; unacceptable we knew that too. Therefore, a young adult has the treasure of the knowledge of SELF care. Do notice in each part of the world is a bit different yet we watch and by example we learn. Now with that I awoke those memories to assist you to move forward with SELF discipline in all areas, you are ready to serve YOURSELF. Know that LIFE done in small dose is better that an over-loud.  Untlimited access to FB for “SCULPTING Body GUIDEs after Investment of membership is received. Login member details will be sent immediately after Investment. Any challenges in logging in or accessing materials, email us at

              Virtual Gift VIDEO that offers Life's MOMENTUM, with Investors in Membership

* Empowers you to receive the desires of your heart
* However, if you allow that momentum to slow down you may cause disappointment, set back, doubt, non-sincerity...
* Know that You are here on earth to give yourself the power to MOVE on in Your Life.
* Move to the next level with the knowing that is all GOOD.

Gift of Virtual VIDEO: Investor in Membership, participant in FB LIVE 

* Powerful source on your own
* Being in alignment of CLARITY
* You can only demonstrate your alignment of position, action, not give in
* Source ENERGY is always there to allow you to STRIVE
* You are the potential recipient of the UNIVERSE for GOOD
* The stream of well being flowing towards you
* You STRIVE because you choose 
* Focusing on what [IS] in life
* "Vibrational" reaction to what [IS] in life slows you down
* Your VIBRATION MUST BE align to what you desire your LIFE to be
* Practicing the art of allowing LIFE to be your desires
* Your INNER BEING is the GIFT that allots You the true desires of your heart if you align that ENERGY with your thoughts and your thought with WHOM you are

   Gift,Virtual Video! Investor in Membership participating in FB GROUP, “Uniting Culture” 

* The CREATOR, gives you the KNOWING of the ENERGY SOURCE of LIFE here on earth
* Be in RECEPTIVE mode always!
* Stay in the spot You are able to SAVOR-the-FLAVOR!
* Don't allow self to disappoint your being or doubt yourself in non belief of the ENERGETIC LIGHT/GIFT
* You are always able to entertain SELF into prosperity
* Blessings of indescribable portion, abundance used for others to see and imitate
* Learn to maintain the frequency of your true alignment with the true You
* You are the ENERGY SOURCE of LIFE/UNIVERSE here on earth
* Every happening here on earth for You is GOOD, know it!
* Always remember human beings rise and lower to Your EXPECTATIONS!
* Stay open to receive always, ENJOY! 

Always in Marvelous HEALTH!
Sohaila Henry, Certified Instructor,
Independent Distributor [Nourishing Body] 
Nutritional Health Guide
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Sohaila, Clusters of Stars Shining on YOU! Thanking YOU for Returning the Sheen!
CEO of Sohaila’s Health-Physique where together we create “YOUR- UNIQUE-BLUEPRINT” to help you “INVEST IN YOURSELF” and the "DREAM-CHASERs" LIFE You hold DEAR/CLOSE to Your ❤️

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