Thursday, July 28, 2016


We are all miracles place here on earth to empower every being we come in contact with. Now, that empowerment could be positive or negative. It all depends on the energy that unique being delights in sharing. We all woke "UP" today. How do I know? Hey, hey, you are reading my message. Now when your eyes open 👁👁 "YOU" made a choice: 

A) To have a magnificent day 
B) To give a person a hard time

The person whose mind, thoughts focus on "magnificent", you visualize every thing that made you feel good. That is your day. YES!

Now the person whose thoughts, mind focus on "hard". That person before leaving the bed, felt pain. That person did not desire to leave the bed. Had a "hard" time getting out of bed and so their day proceeded.

Get the message, don't forget we are "miracles" place here to empower. That empowerment begins with "SELF". 

The hands in this world proceeding from different culture. The hands is always extended to assist, or help another. There are times we come across a hand who point a finger at us to accuse are to direct. Again let's not forget we are miracles and as such we can choose what we believe that finger is doing in our life. Hey, I came across a hand that slap me. As a child it hurt but I knew then it was to correct me. However, later that same hand slap me and that hurt to me representing hate. I knew no better. Now when that same hand hug me I got confused. Wow, through my life experiences now I know those hands are "miracles"  who only utilized their hand with what they were taught.

Now, let's all continue to play the game. Yes, we delight in mentoring in a child. However, the first child to mentor is "SELF". Now while YOU are mentorimg "SELF" you will also be an example to another "CHILD". Ok! 
• The game is favorable!
• The game has flavor!
• The game carries savor!

The game is what YOU will leave on earth when YOU desire to leave for good.

Inviting YOU to mentor the "CHILD" in YOU through a "CHILD" by 
• Investing in that CHILD [U] or
• Gift-Wrapping the "GIFT" of nourishment to CHILD {U}
• For further information let us know "U" are Investing in SELF: 

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Wednesday, July 6, 2016


Is it real Enough for Your eyes?
Does this real whole apple provide us with the same health benefits it once did to our ancestors?

"It’s a real, whole food, right? What is it about the modern apple that makes it any less “healthy” for us than it was for our ancestors? To start, today’s apple probably wasn’t grown in soil bursting with essential vitamins and minerals. Instead, it was likely grown in over-farmed, micronutrient-depleted soil. According to the USDA, an apple pick today has 96% less iron, 48% less calcium, 84% less phosphorous and 82% less magnesium than an apple grown only 80 years ago."


Lets take a look at this Pyramid together 

Any question (Click) leaving your name and email. Allowing us the privilege to discuss it together. thank You!

We are in control of our temple, yes our body. I strongly believe 99.9%. The other percent is accidents: a bike collision, or car, a fight with a broken nose, malaria because you visited a country that does not yet have it under control, or even being bit by a mosquito that is carrying something. Now because we are in control we do plan our first "D", diet, or I refer to it as our eating style. The next "D" is disease. Now as I do studies doors continuously open demonstrating that the supplies place here on earth was not to be toiled with at least not in the manor that we have done. I will call it ignorance. The third "D" is death. If you do not take care of your self properly death will visit sooner and in a painful way. We are a master-piece place on earth with a destiny. That destiny is to learn to live as we travel through that journey with the challenges dealt to us.  Through my experiences I have learned that we have gifts dealt to us to enhance our behavior. Many of us have grandparent, parent that open the treasure chest to help us along. Others will encounter what I will call Angels to assist them. We all carry than sense that will Aid if we allow. Again any question (Click)  for the pleasure of a chat. Thanks!

We need to not be ignorant to the true about the proper nutrients to eat. The reason too many of us are either sick are gaining weight uncontrollably even our children is do to improper nutrients.. Let's open our eyes to GMO's. The health dangers showed that GM foods will induce GI tract, organ damage, immune disorder, infertility, accelerated aging among other issues.  "GMO is an organism whose genome has been altered by the techniques of genetic engineering so that its DNA contains one or more genes not normally found there. Note: A high percentage of food crops, such as corn and soybeans, are genetically modified."

Cotton: The GM cultivars grown today are resistant to herbicides or insect pests. More than half (68%) of China's cotton production is genetically modified to produce a substance (Bt toxin) that protects it against insect pests. Example tampon, some clothing you may wear.


There is a list of countries that banned genetically modified food. For further information, we invite you to "Click". for the pleasure of a chat. We will follow up. Thanks!
Our best route is to buy certified organic food. My advise is to use your word before you eat to "Bless" your food before it goes to your mouth. That is what our grandparent taugh us. We are wiser with more information available to us. We know that word carries power, your word does, use it. Again, To take the proper action certified organic foods do not use GMO's. So there is where we could start. Now do remember that GMO pollen can spread to other crops. Yet is in moderation to exposure. Any question do ask. Click, click, pleasure of a chat, we desire to know your thoughts.  Thanks!

Real food is simply not enough. Our nutritious knowledge we must now share with each other. One example is cultivated soil where we get our organic food from may not carry all the prominent nutricion necessary. Therefore, the guidance to follow is supplements to make sure our immune system is strong. We also need to make sure they are pure. I have the answer for you. Let's start with the investment in self. We invite you to Click and leave your name and email.  Let's set up a blueprint for you to follow.  The blueprint is to reduce toxic that's burding your body and induce support for overall HEALTH. I will begin that detoxification in August of 2016. For further information "Click" . We delight in knowing your thoughts.Thanks!

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