Thursday, August 31, 2017


This adventure allows the nourishment of confidence knowing that yes, I have HOPE. Now allowing for the BUILD-UP of HOPE, our Prince and Princess may establish their DREAM with out the stress of a loan to their name yet the empowerment to have enough for others to borrow. Always remember "When the world says, "Give Up". HOPE whispers, "Try it one more time".  I found HOPE to be "feathers that perches in the soul and sings the tune without the words and never all" in the human-person. Therefore, lets allow the sound of HOPE to BUILD-WAY-UP in the "DREAM-CHASERS", Prince, Princess life.

The adventure began in many of our families life these last years with our Prince, and Princess who decided to further their education.  In doing so because of our lack of educational funds to assist a loan was added to their to do list. After the completion of one semester two, three are more our Prince and Princess have an outstanding loan to their name. The plan for their outstanding loan is still in the making. Many decided to further their education with a Masters degree, others have decided to become their own entrepreneur, boss.  However, this "NEW-ADVENTURE"  is to help our up coming Prince and Princess up the "STEPLADDER" of life to have the funds for furthering their education or if they may prefer to go down a different path, funds are available to be placed in their hands.

My mentor says it this way, "Each of us should have a dream and go after it with all our heart. Dreams are different from plans."  She continues, "Plans are manageable opportunities, but dreams are often too big to be managed." She says, "They always require "FAITH" because they are bigger than you or your ability to accomplish them". " That's why your faith-filled dreams are so important!... Keeping that thought in mind lets YOU step forward ALWAYS.

A refreshing reminder: A Bank is where funds are invested for future use.  As you notice above the picture with your INVESTMENT of $100, is actually divided in your membership to the WORK-SHOP///TALLER plus the "Dream-Chaser's" account of age seven to fourteen; [$66] or age newborn to seven years old [$44]. The INVESTMENT for each child ends at age twenty-one-years-old. Allowing that child to have funds when they complete their first twelve years of education. In this case the use is to be appropriately divided for our up coming "DREAM-CHASERS", Prince and Princess.  It is my passion to help our humanity to know that they are bountiful in every area of life specifically their HEALTH. The nutrient starts within. Where we learn to discipline the inner-persona. In so doing we learn to balance stress. To balance stress a teachable activity allowing others to HELP. It is my pleasure to HELP by utilizing my MENTORSHIP program. My MENTORSHIP program ask that you INVEST $100. That INVESTMENT is divided appropriately to our "DREAM-CHASERS", Prince and Princess for their future endeavors. After investing  click to leave your name and email to discuss the "DREAM-CHASER's" name and information for later pickup at 21 years old. Thank you!

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