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Our "DREAM-CHASERs" are the children in our life whom we allow to know that later in their life they will have the GIFT they need to HELP in mobilizing their LIFE way UP. This is where Investing in our "DREAM-CHASERs LIFE from newborn to young adult will GIVE them what is needed for their future. To follow through:  Your Investment///Membership in full is $126.00 ⬅️ Clink and invest, thank You! You are on the RIGHT page, thanks! Your GIFT of $126, membership for a full year, ($10.50 a month) enables you to invest in the organization “DREAM~CHASERs” and their “Profit Sharing Stratergy and Trust~Fund”.
DREAM~CHASER, enabling Your  BRILLIANCE to resonate. You may give the name and age of a DREAM~CHASER in your life. 
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We will have investors to assist monthly as will you with your "DREAM-CHASERs investment. You may have other family members to invest with you as well. Allowing their credit to escalate for life not to mention your own. We WELCOME You ALL!!!
Our DREAM~CHASERs will receive their funds at age 21. If need BE and they would like funds at 18 years old there is a team who will review before enveloped is place in their hand.

In life as children we have many "DREAMs". They come to us as GIFTs  around the month of our BIRTH or around the month of the CREATOR of this WORLD. As we continue to ask for toys or a sport equipment we begin to follow through with when I get older I will like to be a sports driver or. Then the BABY takes the sport toy carriers it around the house. The toy could be a car or airplane. That toy could also be a toy game or airplane on their computer as they grow older. I have also notice that the young adult outside their job with car toy with remove control or the fidget spinners which are low tech. The high tech air toy the DRONE is what many desires. The DREAM continues to grow. Now we have the high tech DRONE which is able to CREATE a video. Here we have our DREAM-CHASERs on high speed in thoughts yet their feet is taking them further in life as they continue to grow. Our ladies many are now on the basketball field, playing in teams hoping to continue as they CHASE their DREAM. Knowing they have INVESTMENT keeps them flying ahead with big hopes. Wow!

Our boys and girls whose residence is closer to the water allow their thoughts to be when I get older I will like to be able to go SNORKELING to search for TRESUREs that may help with the science lab technician to find other animals we never knew we had. Again what enable them to think big is knowing they have funds to enable their TREASURE hunting.

I was just impressed with the GIFT giving to a family with two boys in a wheelchair living in a small Waco apartment not meeting their two sons needs. Who received charitable help from Chip & Joanna Gaines, and Tim Tebow as a team in creating a "Fixer Upper" home established to suit what is needed by the family and more. The "more" is an outside field for both sons to play while in their wheelchair. They had a race and one son said I won, they also had sport equipment they could play with at a later date. INVESTING in our DREAM-CHASERs will establish the same opportunity and more for children who may have the same need.

The meaning for LUCID is to express clearly; easy to understand, coherent. In other words ladies we would like all male to know that not because you are male you can take advantage in anyway especially out on the street when you attempt to take from us what does not belong to you. That is where we are taught to defend ourselves physically. Karate and different forms of defense is what we are utilizing. Now with that "LUCID DREAM-CHASERS" form of defense our ladies have their INVESTMENT to follow up and use.

Becoming a swimmer is an important athletic sport. I remember my daughter at a very young age did not know how to and we as parent chose to make sure that sport was incorporated into her growth and she became very good at it. That was establish because I did not know how to in my late teens and almost drowned. I took the SWIMMING class my first year of college. Again we will like those children to know that INVESTMENT has been generated for them if at a later date funds is needed for them to follow up on any sport of choice. 

DREAM-CHASERs have learned to incorporate MOVEMENTs in their life. The MOVEMENTs begins with learning to CLEAR their mind. The assistance in CLEARING their MIND allots KNOWING that they will receive GIFTs that is needed in their life ABUNDANTLY to SHARE if and when necessary. That is the reason WE have OPEN-DOORs to make sure the world is aware that INVESTING  is the key that will open every individuals door for their future steps, by steps, by steps.  

Sohaila, Clusters of Stars Shining on YOU! Thanking YOU for Returning the Sheen!
CEO of Sohaila’s Health-Physique where together we create “YOUR- UNIQUE-BLUEPRINT” to help you “INVEST IN YOURSELF” and the "DREAM-CHASERs" LIFE You hold DEAR/CLOSE to Your ❤️

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