Sunday, September 6, 2020

BEET-IT‼️ [Part Two]

To "BEET-IT", yes, diabetes, each individuals best way is to marry a life style that will nourish their physical self forever. In my research I meet Dr. Sebi. He is a biochemist like my mentor Dr. Wallach. They along with other doctors are pursuing the road to keep us on a healthy route. Dr. Sabi has been curing the most deadly diseases on the planet for thirty years. Yes, diabetes is one of the ailment he completely reversed. The commitment of his work was demonstrated when he took on the Attorney General of New York in a Supreme Court trial, to prove that he indeed reversed those "dis-ease". He wow me!

WHY WE NEED TO EAT ELECTRIC FOOD Dr Sabi states that "electric food are alkaline foods which helps the body to heal and nourish itself. Alkaline foods have a pH of 7.0 & above. Electric foods are found in nature. They are not hybrid, genetically modified, and they are non-irradiated. He goes on to say electric food helps to increase the copper within the nervous system thus a greater use of one's' brain and senses.  He continues with the reason human body can move around, crawl, walk, run, climb, lift, etc. is due to electricity that enable our body movement.

Dr. Sebi stated, "no canned or seedless fruits".  The Alkaline fruits with a pH of 7.0 & above some of these are apples... The "burro/mid-size smallest banana (original banana). All varieties of berries, elderberries in any form, help memory improvement as well as decreasing the delay in cognitive ability related to aging. No ❌ cranberries!

The health benefit of dandelions are that they are anti-microbial-fungal-oxidant; germicidal, detoxifier, wart removal, diuretic, parasite cleanser, improves digestion, clears acne. Also a Super-Food!

The health benefit of quinoa: It has antiseptic properties, anti-inflammatory properties,  helps lower blood pressure, helps balance blood sugar levels, supports weight loss efforts, rich in manganese, high in iron, magnesium, fiber. 

What I have learn from the research of our biochemist about oil is that we are not to heat and digest, because it will erode in our gut producing mucus that assist with the clogging of arteries in our organs; where dis-ease form due to the lack of oxygen.  

In the digestive system the Brazil nuts help to stimulate efficient nutrient which means that we get as many benefit as possible from the mineral. The high levels in the Brazil nuts is Zinc which helps to balance common deficiency. 

The health benefit of spelt is that it facilitates healthy digestion. It improves bone health and prevents osteoporosis. It helps to manage diabetes. Stimulates and boosts immune system. Also boots blood circulation and energy levels in the body. Spelt also reduces constipation, bloating, cramping, excess gas and diarrhea ...Spelt flour help you prepare pancake, delicious & healthy. 

We have a doctor in Chinese Medicine, Dr. Feifei Liu, A.P., with life style eating guidelines for diabetics: Avoid flour products  (such as, bread, pasta, & tortilla), white potatoes, star-fruit, and raw meats. Recommended are organic gluten-free rice, pasta, yellow sweet potatoes and cooked meats. Doctor Wallach recommend rare cook meat. Well done or burn is not good for your digestive system per his guidelines taken from the nutritious  goals necessary. 

Well, we do take notice of doctors of different race are working towards the benefit of human health. "Their mission to heal humanity". We thank you all!


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