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The gift I receive from a Lady I call “Mommy”. This Lady was given the GIFT to raise three children, what others may consider, alone. That is only due to the GIFT we received from our Dad, who became an ANGEL in his mid30’s to never Abandon his family again.
See, what I now see, the GIFT we are enveloped in; Is actually what we learn through his physical departure. My grandmothers LOVE assisted my mother at the beginning.  That wisdom helped her to see who relives in her. There is a Divine Source! That small voice we hear when desired. That Inner SELF that gives ideas building her CONFIDENCE. Allowing her to build ours. My Mom came to the USA staying “open to receive”. That open GIFT allowed her the job that gave her tools necessary to help us along. Yet also realizing that Inner RELATION with SELF gives much more in all areas of life.

Things are ALWAYs Working~Out!
Everything works out for G👀D when LIGHTs are turned on consciously! The reason they work out for G👀D is due to life’s experiences.
Unconsciously humans choose to focus on the path of least resistance.  Consciously being in the G👀D, leads to the right place at the right time. Opening that place within of KNOWING. Take a new Mom, who is not use to being at home. Realizes what she is about to build is base on her learning from Dad as a little girl. Now, let’s look at a new Dad, who believes he KNOWs nothing about trees or even flowers. Yet as a little “fellow” he help Mom in her yard.  That conscious thought awoke G👀D memories that he now chooses to build on.

In my case study I found a Mom who has blueprints of what she builds. This Mom learned to use her “Little Helper” tools. 
As I stated, this Mom learn from prior experience that now allots her the conscious thoughts, privilege, honor to actually use: Hammer! Nails! Saw! Drills! Wrenches! Ratchets! Stress! Utilizing these tools to build what I have permission to share with you all:

My next case study is on a Mom who designs her own unique style for "Lady's" to model as they take every step through their day. Again the history from this Mom was brought through the wave lent of the great-grandma who was a seamstress. Then the needle and tread was past to grandma who purchase a sewing machine. That tool gave the right tone to the daughter's who began her business in High School making funds for her bank account. Now passing that "Momentum" to the "DESIGNER". The elegance MOVEs on!

My case study also on our “Fella” shows him working the soil where he grows herbs, vegetables, fruits. His GIFT from Mom brings him ideas to share with the world. I was invited by him where I used his “Garden”  to entertain my “Break~Spot”. My next Blog will show you more of his "GROUND RELAXING" MOVEs along with my "MOVEs." Wow!

Dedicated to My “Mommy” on her Birthday!

Always in Marvelous HEALTH!
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