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[Word Puzzle to be posted]
NOTE: First month example below:
After Investment is RECEIVED name will be added to the FB page account. Always appreciating viewers and investors!
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Total 12 words = 2 words per day!
Completing February’s Puzzle!
Nourishing EYEs: πŸ‘€
- By Palming Eyes!
- By Blinking Eyes!
- By Gazing Eyes!
- By Circling Eyes!
- By Shifting Eyes!
• Sharping BRAIN 🧠!
• Increasing Vocabulary!
Savor Eye Nourishing Flavors!

πŸ‘€Blinking Rapidly!
My Case Studies shows:
Blinking helps “NOURISH EYEs” while relaxing the muscles and preventing dryness. Ideally, we would all blink 25 times per minute. However, when we’re intensely focused on something — like a detailed Excel spreadsheet or a shocking YouTube video, we may blink less. 
Exercise above to help balance out intense staring sessions.

πŸ‘€Gaze Left to Right or Up and Down!
To begin check in with BREATH:
• Four breath in CHEST!
• Hold for seven!
• Release breath for eight [while holding in tummy]
Next! Imagine a clock in front. Shift GAZE~UP towards 12:00 then DOWN towards 6:00. [Be careful not to move neck] This GAZING is for EYES only! Do the GAZE UP-and DOWN EYE STRETCH 7 to 10 times, slowly back and forth; while also GAZING  EYEs from 3:00 to 9:00 GAZING left to right.

πŸ‘€EYE CIRCLEs in both Direction!
[Flexibility training for BEAUTIFUL EYEs]
To begin check in with BREATH:
• Four breath in CHEST!
• Hold for seven!
• Release breath for eight [while holding in tummy toward back]
Send EYEs gazing  up towards ceiling, and slowly work way around in a clockwise circle. [Squeeze in at least three deep breaths per circle]. When reached AIM [top of ceiling] rest EYEs with the “palming” method. Same sequence again, moving counterclockwise this time.

πŸ‘€Shift Focus!
We’re not meant to look at up-close materials all the time, and yet we do! This simple exercise of shifting FOCUS help retrain EYEs to see detail at different perspectives.
First, hold right arm out one full length in front. Stick thumb straight up. Focus EYEs! Gaze on thumb! Slowly move thumb towards FACE until it appears blurry. Pause, slowly move thumb away back to the starting position. Repeat this a few more times.
Being mindful of PACE and BREATHING!
• Four breath in CHEST, view THUMB!
• Hold breath while THUMB travel toward EYEs
• Release breath for eight, while holding in tummy, repeat!

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